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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

sorry for not bloggin for like A LOT of days..

well,nothing much going on in school these few days =(
been playing card games and stuff,
making posters.
painting the games thing.
helping out and lame stuff. i was damn bored in school lar.
and so..
going to thomson plaza later.
most prob gonna buy a skirt for p6 nite.
why must we wear SKIRTS?
ill look damn weird ok.
trust me.
too tired to blog bout the day in school now.

being stuck in a relationship with someone who doesnt really care bout u can be very depressing.
im dying.
save me.

i have to agree that i WAS wrong in saying that..
but now that we're together AGAIN,
i just hope you can forgive me.
it doesnt matter if u are angry or what.
just tell me the truth.
do you love me.
thats all i wanna hear from you.

bite the dust ;

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

fooked up shit.
kinda boring day.
o wells.

had this erm...growing years series thing today,
wasnt as boring as i though it would be,
also wasnt that 'gross' as i though...

anyway,i am going for a sort of church marathon thing...later.
its REALLY boring.
sitting at home alone now.
its very lonely lahh..
alone leh.

im just a loner now.
haha...not trying to copy xinyi or something..xD

oh yes.
i do have msn.
but its currently uunused.
oh yes.i have told u ppl that my com got prob right..
wah lau.
can die one llors.
canot play.
cannot tag.
cannot chat.
cannot go habbo.

oh my goodness.
i m sure to die.

good entertainment.
maybe perhaps i shall go turn on the TV.
haish.i shall entertain myself.


bite the dust ;

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

deepavali rocks,i must say..
well..u must be thinking why i say so.

hmm....i went for breakfast this morning.
went to little india.
hardly any shop open though.):
so we were like "what the hell"

so my mom and i went to walk around to see if there were any opened shops
as we walked and walked and walked...
saw this really handsome looking indian guy..with a garland ard his neck
i was amazed.

almost wanted to kiss him lar.
haha..dunnoe why i m so attracted to indian guys..(:
thats a good thing eh.
anyway..after a while i was like staring,
literraly staring,
at the guy.

couldnt stop myself larss.
den my mom suddenly siad"hey girl,down there got one shop lehh"
go and call ur dad..
oh shit.
b4 i could even look at the man for the last time,
he turned away.

my hopes were gone.
my dream husband-to-be was gone.

quite humiliated lar.. i was like hmm...

i might find a better one nxt time.
so after that den we went for breakfats lor..

roti prata rocks.
crispy and nice.
ate till my tummy was BIG.BIG.BIG. now here i m,blogging.
gotta go search something on the web now..maybe ill go search for some indian guy stuff..

indian guys ROCK.
im addicted to you.

bite the dust ;

Saturday, October 29, 2005

my computer has dis really siao problem..mans.
i cant even tag!!
its bad enough that i cant play games...
and now u tell me i cant tag!?
wwat the hell.
i m dying of boredom now lar.
yet u are not here to save me.
there's only a few more hours left.
soonner or later, i will die.
help me someone.
i dying
maybe ill die soon.
i hate lonely days.
ive got absolutely nothing to do lors.
and i just came home fr breakfast.
not nice one...
i might need you to save me now.

bite the dust ;

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sorry i have not been updating my blog cos i have been really busy.
hm..and i have just realised that my room is DAMN messy.
so for the past few days,i have only been coming online like in the night?
and wats more,my computer has dis really big problem and i cannot tag.-_-"
wah lau.i need a break lars.

yepps.anyway, today i din go to skool,damn it.
i planned to play game of life with delane they all but.=(
sighhh.i got FEVER!
went for blood test today
to check if i had dengue or wat.
turned out to be fine.
3 injections in a row.
can die one lehh.
and i packed up my room in the morning just now...
and mom's gonna make cheng teng!
cool.i love cheng teng.especially the ones my mom make.

ok so,i din go to skool...yea den i slept till like 9.25?
so early lors.i hate mornings.they make my sick. i might be going out for shopping later.
with church fun fun.
my mom just gave me 310 bucks for later.
wow.first time my mom let me buy so many things hor..
i plan to buy this adidas sweater and billabong shirt:)
hopefully got enuf money

OHOHH!yes.i remember.
how's the p6 nite and stuff going on?
how come sukanya and deb and tricia's blog got the same song yeah ar? it bcos ur are using the song yeah?
watever lar..anyway,
luckily i m not dancing.
or else i might have missed some steps if ur have discussed.
anyway.i think dis post is too long so take your time to read.


i might need you to guide me along.(:

bite the dust ;

Monday, October 17, 2005

i just came home from i can see a fight or and arguement btween yiting and julia yea.chill

yesyes.i noe that both of u are not on good terms but try to patch up the hole lar k..
anyway its olede OUR last year.okay.

haizz.tired now.go to yiting's blog if u wanna read more.bye xP

bite the dust ;

Friday, October 14, 2005

founders' day.
hahrhar.sat in the front row of our class although i m not supposed to xP
yepps. i cant seem to concentrate on reading my book so i decided that i'll blog now.since i did not ytd. was founder's day and was pretty good.
so we had the singing and stuff,then pastor er..watever tay?? and pastor i think chan??went to speak and uhemm..yea i learnt alot about PL rite.
maybe change my mind to go to PL??haf no idea.
will i regret it?
no i think i will not.
but i think i might.
i haf not made up my mind.
yeah so back to founders day,actually the rachael and esther yong(prize winners)were kinda pretty yea i must say. they are SO loyal to PL,i see.
shall i or shall i not?i dun noe.really.sumone help me make up my mind.ok maybe ill go ask my parents.yepps.good idea. after that we were like -clapclapclapclapclap- all the way and i was hell of a bored shit when the choir and angklung and guzheng and handbells performed.sorry no insult but just voicing out wat i think. then we had our food,fried rice and chicken drumlets.quite okay lar.den after that went home.
until now i m still using the com. or comming, for that matter. i thinkk i'll go play my com bored.
byebye world.i better go..PLAY!miss anonymous.

ps.i cant make up my me.

bite the dust ;

anonymous twelve plmgps..hmmm

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